Anna Carewe: chamber music coaching

Anna Carewe specialises in coaching chamber music - especially enthusiastic amateur ensembles who are searching for a new approach to their work. As a chamber musician, one often reaches a point where the road ahead is not clear:

- where is the music actually leading me?
- how can I bridge over the next 20 bars, which seem rather aimless to me?
- how can I choose the best bowing or fingering?
- how can I find the ideal tempo?

Anna is convinced that the answers to all these questions can be found in the score, if one only knows how to look. Whether through regular coaching or through special preparation for the next concert, Anna Carewe brings new inspiration with her enthusiasm for the diversity of the chamber music repertoire, which has made up such an important part of her professional career.

Contact: +49 (0)177 2838606 or anna.carewe (at)

Also Chamber Music and Improvisation Courses (together with Oli Bott)

 Photo: A. Knapp

Photo: A. Knapp

 Photo: Maurice Foxall

Photo: Maurice Foxall

Oli Bott: Improvisation for all instruments

Improvisation is usually neglected in the education of Classical Music. Would you like to lose your fear of playing freely without written music or just get some practical tips?

I have been offering private lessons for all instruments in improvisation in Berlin since 1997, especially for classically trained musicians, who, on top of their technical capacities, are searching for a way to lose their inhibitions and find a method when it comes to improvising. The lessons are divided basically into two areas:

1. Exercises in breathing, rhythm, dynamics, articulation, phrase-building, the use of silence, consonant and dissonant harmonies, etc.

Beginners can quickly make their first ventures into spontaneous playing by concentrating on some aspekt of simple material being played (dynamics, for instance). More advanced improvisers can learn how to make their improvisations more expressive and interesting.

2. Useful exersises in Harmonc Structure.

The students learn common scales in their harmonic context, harmonic analysis of different styles and how to improvise over a cadence and throughout a piece.