Maurice Foxall says:

“I have been a semi-amateur photographer nearly all my life. About 20 years ago, whilst contemplating a rather dull photo of mine on my computer screen, I decided to see what I could do to bring the image to life. The result: a completely new world I named ‘Transformations’.

After years of experimenting, I decided to try printing some of the designs. To my surprise and delight, artist friends of mine loved the results!

A leading teacher of Haute Couture at the London School of Design saw my work and persuaded me that they would make great scarves. I started to research the technical means of printing onto Silk Chiffon and discovered that the Glasgow School of Art has a specialist department called the Centre for Advanced Techniques (CAT). It is here that all the scarves are printed.

The final touch was to find somebody to hand-roll each scarf edge - a highly skilled job. In the end it was CAT who suggested a wonderful lady in South London. Each scarf takes about an hour to sew, and this is one-third of the total production cost!

Nearly all the scarves start life as an ordinary photograph.

For example,  ‘Seascape’ started life like this:

L4341059 the city drowns.jpg

Then became like this:

And finally a scarf:

L4341059  sea scape, blue 175x45.jpg